Ten-Second Takeaway

A new hot dog service called The New York Street is opening in just a week’s time, and they will be churning their dogs out round the clock, all day, all night.

What’s Smokin’?

Gourmet hot dogs served with freshly made barbeque sauce, beer mustard {yes, we know – yum}, and homemade crisps are on the menu here. You can have the smokey dog hot dog in which the pork has been slow-smoked for around six hours, or a chicken jalapeno and orange cheddar one. The chef’s favourite, however, is the super dog, which is a smokey dog, with bacon bits, sweet onions and cheese in it. We’d say yes to that any time.

Fret not if your {like some of ours} choices have led you to be a vegetarian, you can still enjoy a bite of the veg dog, made of corn, cheese and grains.

You can also have a pulled pork sandwich or a smoked chicken one, if that’s more your jam. All the breads used in their products are brioche, and the meat has been produced from Kaviraj’s own successful meat manufacturing unit, Kaavos, which he is very passionate about.

Although their home-delivery service is on till 3am {yeah, only, pfft}, they’re warm and welcoming enough for you to land up outside the kitchen at even 5am, ring the bell and ask for your hot dog as long as you can wait for 10 minutes.

So, We’re Saying…

We are so looking forward to amazingly made, all-natural, well-produced meat hotdogs when hunger calls in the wee hours of the morning.

New York Street is going to open on around the 16th of September. You can then order via Scootsy. People in Bandra and beyond {towards North Mumbai}, keep a look out for delivery options for you very soon too.

Price: Starts at INR 200 for a vegetarian hot dog, INR 250 for chicken, and INR 300 for pork.

Photo courtesy: The New York Street