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Unicorn Lollipops And Gummy Bears: This Candy Shop In Andheri's Infiniti Mall Is Pure Love

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What Makes It Awesome

With a slogan that says 'For the young and the young at heart', House of Candy serves childhood in well packaged and aesthetically pretty candies. We located this inside Andheri's Infiniti Mall while shopping and the variety really surprised us. You will find gummy bears, fizzy cherry cola, rumballs, tutty-fruity unicorn lollipops, and what not.

We went on a tasting spree and got hooked to a few of their specialties. The Apple belts, Cola Bottles and Fizzy Peaches are absolute mood fixers. You could also keep them handy on your office desk for times when work's bogged you down and you need some upliftment. Their extra strong mints are somewhat similar to the long forgotten candy Polo, but still fit the bill as a refreshment. In case you need something chocolaty, their rum balls and chocolate fudges are really good. 

House of Candy is apt if you're craving for something sweet and also want to reminisce your childhood, so when shopping at Infiniti, make sure you make your way to the huge store and feed the inner tiny tot in you. 


If you're not sure about which candy to purchase, you can also taste all the flavours and types before buying them (and they have a lot of variety)