Get Quirky Flower Bouquets Home Delivered With This Subscription Service

    What Makes It Awesome

    This flower delivery service in Bandra creates the most beautiful and unique bouquets in the unlikeliest of containers, baskets, teapot holders and watering cans. And we're already in awe. It's your turn now!

    House Of Flowers is a floral arrangement company run by the owner of Candies in Bandra. They make beautiful arrangements, perfect as a pick-me-up for yourself or someone you love. You can order their arrangements online or call them up at 9029021178. Their collection starts from INR 600 and goes up to INR 3,999, depending on the flowers and the occasion.

    The best bit is the subscription service in which you specify a sum (INR 700 onwards) to them, and then they will deliver surprise arrangements to your house on an unexpected day a few times a month, almost like a little surprise gift to yourself. You can also select the size, duration and frequency of deliveries on their website.


    If you don’t have a vase at your home, their arrangements might be perfect for you to put your flowers on display.