Moving In Together? Here Are Some Housewarming Gifts You Can Give Each Other


    First of all, congratulations to the two of you because its a big (and a beautiful) move! Secondly, since your home is going to be your own little haven, how about starting this new journey by gifting each other some thoughtful things? Well if that makes you clueless, worry not, because we have shortlisted a few cool products for you. These won't just bring a smile to your partner's face but they're also great to beautify your cocoon. Now read on and keep filling that cart! 

    A Key Holder/Letter Rack

    Key Holder cum Letter Rack

    Nothing better than bringing in a pure wooden keyholder that also doubles up as a letter rack. This piece from Door To Home is a great utility gift and also looks pretty quirky on the wall for its house-like shape. You both can hang your set of keys plus also store important bills or letter on the rack. 

    Set Of 2 Cozy Pillows

    Phrase Printed Pillows With Filler (Set of 2)

    We love these rectangular black pillows from Sheen Décor that have 'Let's Stay Home' printed on them. They're an ideal gift for your new bedroom. Great for sleeping on, and perfect as a décor piece. Oh, and they also come in white! 

    Table Decor With A Clip-On Photo Stand

    Vibes Table Decor


    It is always the little things that work their magic. Like this rainbow vibes piece from IMI Studios that comes with a tiny clip, for you to attach a polaroid photo with your partner. Place it on your side table, somewhere in the living room or the bedroom. It is so cute that we bet your guests will ask you where you bought it from. 

    P.S: We'd suggest you first get a printout of a special photo with your partner, attach it to this décor piece and then gift it to him/her. 

    A Customized Nameplate

    Nameplate - Mountain (Couple) - Customized


    We love this nameplate by Carousal. Slightly on the higher end though, but worth it for the cute mountain shapes that also symbolize the climb and the ups and downs that'll begin in this new journey you both start. Just give them your names and get your own customized nameplate ready. 

    A Regal Lantern

    Moti Mahal Lantern


    If your house has a passage or a corridor, light it up with this royal Moti Mahal lantern by Kohana Homes. It makes for a thoughtful gift, and is sure to brighten up your partner's mood. Place a little tea light before you gift it, for a better reaction! 

    A Cocktail Shaker

    Stainless Steel Hammered Detail Cocktail Shaker


    If your partner loves to shake things up a little bit at the bar, and making drinks for the both of you (or guests) then this stainless steel hammered detail cocktail shaker by Amoliconcepts is a perfect housewarming gift for him/her. Also, happy tipsy nights at home to the two of you! 

    A Welcome Hoop

    Welcome Hoop Floral Hanging


    Place this on your main door and welcome your BAE home. This floral hoop from The Craft Panda, with 'Welcome' written on it is so adorable that every time you enter your house, you'll get nothing but positive vibes. 

    A Calendar Cum Clock

    Universal Calender Cum Clock


    Every new house needs two inevitable things- a calendar and a clock. And even though our smartphones bless us with these services, we're bound to look at the wall to check the time or the date when we're at home. How about bringing in this wooden calendar cum clock from Insanitiez? We love the shape of it, and we're sure your partner will too! 

    A Bathroom Set

    Dotted Textured Geometric Pastel Bathroom Set


    We all have that one common powder room or a basin space in the passage that we want to look pretty and presentable in front of guests. Deck that area up with this classy pastel bathroom set from Craftribal that comes with a soap dispenser, a soap dish, and a tumbler. Also, if your partner likes to be super organized and clean, then hey, you've just got him/her the perfect gift.