From Gold Leaf Burger To Boozy Milkshake, 7 Reasons You've Got To Visit Hard Rock Cafe Now!

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    The name needs no introduction as it’s always lit with great rock music all day long along with their sumptuous burgers, fries, nachos and beer! Sharing their love for us all, Hard Rock Cafe is here with an all-new revamped menu and we’re partaking in the celebrations. Just a glimpse at these offerings and you’ll surely be planning your next visit already. Here are our top favourites from the menu that you’ve got to try.

    Burgers That Glitter

    You read that right - and we don’t mean due to the butter but because Hard Rock Cafe now has a burger that is covered in 24-karat gold leaf! After breaking the news worldwide, we finally have this one in our hood. The massive burgers here already have our hearts, so why not try the fresh buffalo steak burger, topped with 24-karat edible gold leaf. It’s served with the usual cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, wine-ripened tomato and red onion. Rockstars, this one’s pure gold (by taste too).

    Indulgent Milkshakes

    If you’re in the legal drinking age, these boozy milkshakes will have you gulping them down and probably ditching the regular pint or two. Available in two variants, Cookies & Cream with vanilla vodka and Hot Fudge with Jim Beam Bourbon & Captain Morgan Dark Rum, they are a great mature twist and look great on your Instagram feed too! By the way, for the teetotallers, the non-alcoholic versions will continue to be served too.

    Eat Like The Romans Do

    The Three Cheese Roma Flatbread will have you devouring it like nobody’s business. Packed with mozzarella and mixed cheddar cheese, Roma tomatoes and fresh basil drizzled with cilantro pesto, you could eat this every time you go to Hard Rock Cafe.

    HRC’s Gotcha At Burgers?

    …Then you obviously cannot miss their amazing burger lineup including the Mushroom & Swiss Burger. It’s a handmade veggie burger that packs black bean, roasted corn, quinoa, chia seeds, diced red pepper and herbs. Grilled to perfection and layered with Swiss cheese, roasted mushrooms, garlic aioli and finished with onion strings on the top.

    Salmon Says, Eat!

    Carpe diem with the Grilled Norwegian Salmon that has 227gms grilled salmon with herb butter and homemade barbecue sauce. It’s served with golden mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

    Turn Up The Beet At HRC

    Love ‘em salads? Deep dive into a flavourful meal with the Fresh Beet Side Salad that packs in chilled red beets and fresh orange tossed in a medley of mixed greens. With some lemon and herb vinaigrette along with crumbled goat cheese and toasted pepita seeds on the top, it’s colourful, healthy, refreshing and absolutely tasty!

    Not Your Usual Cheesecakes

    If cheesecake-and-chill wasn’t your motto already, the New York Cheesecake here will ensure it becomes so. It’s so rich and creamy and is served with thin layers of chocolate and caramel sauce, finished with sprinkles of butterscotch.

      Andheri West, Mumbai