Work Those Abs: Hula Hoop Your Way To A Flat Stomach At This Class

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We discovered the benefits of hula hooping – one of the most fun but underrated workouts in the city.

What Makes It Awesome

Hula hooping is known to have caught fancy of Hollywood, Bollywood and even Michelle Obama. And why not? An hour of hula hooping burns about 400-600 calories. Result? A toned core and a shower of compliments is what we predict. To help that prediction come true, we found the fabulous Swati Shah – founder of Boho Fitness Club, a venture that organises hula hoop classes and workshops. Apart from organising workshops, she’s also a personal trainer who’ll come to your house and help you trim that waistline. At INR 800 per session for group classes {you can always gather your friends or colleagues}, it will better your moves while making you ft with every swirl. Swati started hula hooping four years ago and has been hooked since. Her idea of ‘workouts’ is not sweating it out in the gym but to get out there with her hoop to have fun.


Like working out with oodles of fun thrown in? Hula hooping comes close to that.