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Human Of New York

    Humans Of New York Is Coming To Mumbai, & You Can Work With Him

    Shalvi posted on 22 December

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    We literally just read the best news (after Mumbai being declared a 24X7 city}. The Humans Of New York dude aka HONY aka Brandon Stanton will be in India in January 2018 and we cannot contain our excitement.

    What's In Store For Me?

    Firstly, a chance to assist him. That’s right. As per this post on the official HONY page, Brandon will be here traveling through the country in January, starting with Mumbai on Jan 5. He’s most certainly going to Delhi and a couple {or more} major cities depending upon the time in hand.

    So, how can you help? By being his interpreter. That’s right. He’s looking at doing interviews and have amazing interactions with people, and naturally for him, language is going to he a barrier. As per the post, he’s looking for applications from those who can bridge the gap between the people and him, are willing to work odd and long hours and travel along with him.

    Great! So, How Do I Apply?

    All you’ve got to do is write to him on and send him some information about yourself, your qualifications, language skills, etc. If you’re one who can also shoot a short video for him, this opportunity will be perfect for you.

    So, We're Saying...

    You’ve gotta love the job HONY does and if you’re a follower of the page and their work, and have all the required skills to do the job, can it even get better than this? And the rest of you, make sure you’re well dressed at all times because you never know where there camera will be at.


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