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You Will Soon Be Able To Travel From Mumbai To Delhi In Just 60 Minutes With Hyperloop

Jayati posted on 03 August


Throw us into the future already as a hyperloop tube could easily cut down the distance between Delhi to Mumbai to 60 minutes, as reported by the Business Standard.

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The US-based Hyperloop One is expected to make its way to the Indian markets, if all proposals are approved by the Indian Government. Hyperloop One is offering its razor-cut technology that will slash down long distances to mere hours.

At a Hyperloop One event, the railway minister, Suresh Prabhu said this project is being keenly followed by them. It follows the effort of railways improving their infrastructure and looking at alternative modes of transport, and hopefully will take off after the proposed trials in 2018.

What We Love

Imagine getting from Delhi to Mumbai, and vice-versa in just 60 minutes. It takes us much longer to get to Fort from Andheri – just so you know the reference.

A proposal has been tabled for running trials in 2018. The route from Delhi to Mumbai via Indore and Jodhpur will be covered in 55 minutes and Delhi to Chennai via Bangalore in 55 minutes.

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We are really excited for this project to take off successfully in India. Hyperloop us already.