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#WeTriedIt: The Agony And Ecstasy Of Our First-Ever Crossfit Class

    CrossFit Blackfire

    Crossfit Blackfire


    Is there any workout more intimidating than Crossfit? I decided to overcome my fears and go check it out.

    Need To Know

    From what I’ve seen, people who are Crossfit devotees have a zeal about crazed workouts and then posting a list of what they did at these workouts on social media. But, I’ve also heard that Crossfit can completely change your body. Crossfit, according to the trainer I met, is a fitness training system that encapsulates everything from weight training to cardio to stretching. It’s all about making your body fit for anything – whether it be running a marathon or lifting weights.

    There are Crossfit classes held across the city, and they usually span between an hour to two hours. People of any fitness levels are welcome, but be prepared to be pushed to your limits and become very fit, very soon. Also be prepared for a painful few days as your body adjusts to the exercise.

    What We Found

    I went on Fitternity, chose a class near my house in Andheri West, and booked a free trial for 8pm {an hour long session}, all ready in my gym clothes {which I had picked up for a steal}. After making it clear to him that this is my first time in a Crossfit session, the trainer begins to explain the basics of Crossfit, starting me out with a normal warming up session. This involved floor stretching, butterfly exercises {my thighs already protesting} and more stretching, all of which my body isn’t used to.

    Then came the squats. Did you know there are three types of squats, namely, air, front and overhead squats? I didn’t – all of my squatting memories involved me pushing my ass back as much as I could while going as low as I possibly can. But I was prepared, after all, I am the go-to-queen for going low on the floor {those Bollywood party moves coming handy}.

    Minar has other ideas – he asks me to first thrust my pelvis front, squeeze my bum in tightly and hold a pipe over my head. I go for my first squat and apparently I’m not squeezing my bum enough. I try again, and get a nod of approval.

    While I’m trying to get the pole over my head and going low ratio correct, comes another resounding instruction, “SQUEEZE YOUR BUM” – with Minar showing me how it’s done. I try and successfully so but my legs already felt like jelly. Next up, push ups. I face a wall, keep my arms straight and have to do at least five.

    I’m sweaty, shaky but the mood of the gym is pepped up. It’s time for the last session – which they call ‘Workout of the day’. Today it involves them doing as much of their workout they can and as fast they can, all under two minutes. This keeps repeating till it’s 9pm and the session has to be over.

    Excusing myself into the background, I become a sweaty, defeated spectator. The music’s tempo is picking up, and people start lifting weights, then run to do push ups on a pole and a body floor exercise – and repeat this till the clock hits 2 minutes. It is intense but I also see satisfaction on their faces.

    Anything Else?

    Crossfit is for anyone and everyone, and all sorts of body types. It’s all about the right trainer, having a healthy diet and determination. I loved my session {though I’m still reeling from the body pain}, and I would recommend this to both men and women. I was really inspired by the women in the class who did the weight-lifting like it was nothing {one of them being a software engineer}.

    Of course, the trail session stays in my subconscious  because though it was just one class, even now when I stand straight, I can hear the trainer’s words ‘ Squeeze your bums’, and so I squeeze.

    If you’re interested in giving it a shot, we’ve compiled a list of Crossfit places below. Good luck and god speed.

      CrossFit Blackfire

      Crossfit Blackfire