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Get Stoned: Go On A Fresh Scoopy Adventure With This Ice-Creamery


    Craving some rich and flavourful ice-cream? Hit up The Ice Cream Bakery (or as we’re calling it TiB) in your neighbourhood and indulge yourselves in a sweet rush with spectacular fruity or sinful chocolate flavours.

    Spoon The Right One

    Treat your taste buds (and eyes) to pulpy and natural flavours with fruits getting crushed and blended right in front of you. Bursting with colours and natural flavours, treat yourself to a scoop or two to survive a tough day at work or order away for the BFF with a broken heart.

    They’re preparing all the seasonal temptations - sitaphal, guava chilli, banana caramel, plum, kiwi and many more. What’s better? You’ll be surprised by the original fruity textures of each scoop (they use fresh fruits and have no artificial additions at all!)

    You’ll also find yourself drooling over TiB’s divinely smooth Dark Chocolate variant - this one’s molten chocolate slab blended with fresh ice-cream base - devastatingly delicious! 

    A Creamy Affair

    They’re also doing interesting mashups with decadent home-baked cakes in ice cream base, ice cream cakes (in customised sizes for all parties) and multi-layered ice cream shooters to give you those dessert highs. So you’ve got to try all their different flavours and make those Netflix-And-Chill sessions extra fun every time.

    So, We’re Saying...

    Ice cream solves everything – whether it be a mid-week craving or a sweet Saturday indulgence, make a trip to TiB to level up the day.