Check Out Bombay Naan House For Some Scrumptious Fusion Food!

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I had heard so much about Bombay Naan House, especially their combination creation of 'Naan+ Pizza'. They are so fabulous at creating fusion versions of desi & videsi that I was keen on trying it.

But then lockdown happened and all my desires were trapped for 6 months.

Finally, when I heard they have started with delivery, I ordered to my heart's content.


All Veg Naan: This Naan was stuffed with exotic veggies and goodness of cheese, served with a green dip. It resembled a Cheese Burst Pizza, but better. Must-Have.

Paneer Tikka Boat: This baked boat is also known as Turkish Pide or Georgian Khachapuri. The boat made of bread filled with cottage cheese topped with mozzarella cheese is to die for

Must Have

Zaatar Naan with Hummus: Thin flaky naan topped with herbs served with delicious hummus which was the highlight of the dish. Tastes best when hot.


What stood out was the care taken in packaging considering the COVID situation. It came with small sanitizer pouches. It was neatly packed in cardboard boxes and the dips came in tiny plastic containers. It was perfectly sealed , and there was no spillage.