Get Beautiful Ikat Fabrics On Linking Road, Bandra, Starting At INR 200 A Metre

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Ten-Second Takeaway

To add some ikat, an edgy handspun fabric to your life, don’t shell out the entire contents of your wallet. Just buy your own fabric from these shops.

Ikat Accent

We heart ikat, and we like it just about anywhere – as a top, a kurti, a cushion cover or even upholstery. Though several brands sell ikat, it does often a little over budget. You can buy your own ikat from a few fabric shops. We explored this street off Linking Road in Khar that has a few fabric shops and found the best deals.

The best collection of cotton ikats we found was at Naitrikaa Fabrics. They keep their ikat collection on the first floor, and have really good prints in colours such as sea green, grey and a mix of dark blue and pink for INR 275 a metre.

Next, at V Fab, we found silk ikat fabrics, which is a more expensive ikat fabric {but also so, so gorgeous}. Deep blues to colourful triangles, for INR 975 a metre.

#LBBTip: Ask for the 20 per cent discount that they always have on offer for a better deal.

Anything Else?

You can also check everyone’s favourite Saroj Fabrics, which had two sorts of cotton ikats – a lighter fabric with designs for about INR 200 a metre and the thicker one for INR 275 a metre.

Also, if you don’t want to step out at all, you can order in ikat fabric by the metre from their online store here and have it home-delivered. This has more options for fabrics than even the physical stores!

So, We're Saying...

We loved the fabrics we found, and can’t wait to make something out of these. Hope you do too!