Jewellery, Bags, Furnishings & More: This Brand Has A Little Bit Of Everything We Love

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Ikka Dukka

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What Makes It Awesome

Okay. First things first, we LOVE this brand's name. Ikka Dukka is as catchy as its products and here's what we absolutely adore!

The brand was conceived to provide products (in different categories) from India and around the world to people. You'll find home decor, furnishings, stationery, books; scarves, jewellery, accessories, fitness and beauty products for men, women and kids; wedding, corporate and festive gifts; and SO much more. 

What we really love is their line of jewellery. They’ve positioned the jewellery as ‘everyday wear’ and it’s easy to see why. We can see ourselves wearing these just to the office if nothing else. It’s hard to pick favourites from this new line, but we’re partial towards the earrings and the bracelets and cuffs. They're quirky and colourful and suit any occasion. The clothes, especially the scarves, are as light as feather, and very comfy to carry around. Men, you'll love your cufflinks, pocket squares, and the khadi scarves.

They also have beautiful rugs and carpets, and kitchen plus fine dining accessories that'll make you splurge!


Everything at Ikka Dukka is sourced from all over the world, with love. And they make for great gifting options too. So place your orders now! 


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