Ten-Second Takeaway

Imbiss is a restaurant in Colaba, and it’s best known for its meat dishes {well du-uh!}.

Chow Down


This place is the ‘non’ in non-veg. With a name like ‘meating joint’ it doesn’t leave much to the imagination and is one for the meat lovers. It also serves alcohol, so anyone who likes a glass of beer with their ribs would love the place.

Anything Else?


It’s not exactly a large place, but has a nice, rustic atmosphere. Classy music is usually the soundtrack here – imagine listening to Stairway To Heaven while digging into a plate of chicken wings. Somebody takes their food metaphors seriously.

The chicken wings were legendary. The pork slider was just the right amount of juicy

So, We’re Saying…

The atmosphere is where it really takes the cake. When i heard about the concept of only meat items, I was a little skeptical about the variety, but it was really a vast menu to work with. It isnt usually very crowded. You would be able to get a seat on a Sunday evening.

Photos source: Meating Joint IMBISS