What Is It?

Vasai Fort aka Bassein Fort {its original Portuguese name} is a splendid one-day getaway with its historical Fort, abandoned churches and a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea.

How Do I Get There?


As the fort takes its name from the coastal village of Vasai on the outskirts of Mumbai – Vasai Fort is best accessible by the Western Line Railway. Closest station would be the Vasai Road station and you can take an auto to the fort for approximately INR 120.

#LBBTip: The autos there do not get by meter, and these are the set prices by the autos unless you take a shared auto.

What Is Unique About It?


The fort is done up in parts – into a church, a chapel, and then the long stretch of Fort itself. In fact, the ride from the station to the Fort in itself throws you out of Mumbai and puts you in a vacation mode – with landscapes of lush green pastures, cool salty sea breeze and mangrove trees lined up. If we didn’t know better, we’d mistake Goa for greenery and quaintness.

The fort is a wonder to explore. Its history is imbibed in its walls as we could see ancient carvings and textures of the old bricks. It also makes a fascinating location for wedding photography as we stumbled across a couple channeling in their most romantic soul against the gorgeous backdrop of this Fort. Walk around a bit, climb up the stairs at the main church and you can see the beautiful blue Arabian sea against the backdrop of the setting sun.

#LBBTip: There’s an old man {our beloved Bindachar} who sits directly opposite the Chakrichin Church which is towards the end part of the Fort stretch. He sells nimbu soda, and barf gola. He’s sits there every day from 11am till its time to go home {dawn to dusk}.

Best Time To Visit?


Post-monsoon season to take in the beautiful greenery it has to offer. It’s like entering a fairy land – with creepers on the walls, old bricks shining in the warm October sun and the carpeted land of more greenery. We also suggest getting there by 4pm to see the demure sunlight that’ll brighten up the walls and the green spaces – afternoons and mornings can get really warm and you may skip seeing the calming dusky rays of the sun.

#LBBTip: We do not suggest solo travellers to go here by themselves as even though we went on a Saturday it still wasn’t as crowded and remains quite isolated.

So, We’re Saying…


Vasai may be a really out of the way but it’s totally worth the effort and the trip. We just spent a couple of hours there and came back happy people ready to face the coming Monday. It’s a photographer’s heaven {the lights are so much fun to play with}, and an explorer’s treasured find.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB