Incredible Vibe, Amazing Drinks & Delish Food, This Place Is Worth Every Penny!

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What Makes It Awesome?

A slightly drunk but a free-spirited person - That is exactly what Tipsy Gypsy means. The restaurant resembles well with the name I would say. This is the second outlet in the Tipsy chain, the first one being House of Tipsy or the other way around. The restaurant is situated at an ideal spot, reasonable for more footfalls - once in the past known as a Fun republic. This building has few other restaurants along with McDonalds and Cinepolis theatre. The entrance is grand with a novelty monochrome door to enter and a receptionist is available at the doorstep to greet you and walk you to your table. Table reservations are recommended for weekend visits. Outside the outlet, there is a LED screen to let you know about the offers and events happening. The inside is planned delightfully and made to pull in youth.

Firstly, the bar- It is an olden day traditional radio shaped which can make you feel nostalgic and instantaneously connect you to music. Additionally, it is outlined with LED lights which makes sure no one misses it. Different types of tables are arranged for different people and different choices e.g., high tables, low tables, group tables, etc. Secondly, the menu has a ton of choices and that practically covers everything. Lastly, we were a little disappointed with the service of a few other waitstaffs apart from ours. We were served by Bimal- he is entirely learned and snappy, and we enjoyed his services, but others lack training.


my ideal way of testing a restaurant on drinks is to try a cocktail and a mocktail. This tells you how good are they in various categories. For a mocktail, we tried Passionate Affair which is a concoction of cranberry juice, strawberry crush, mint leaves and soda. Lime and mint leaves were noticeable in the mocktail itself, it has a rosy tone and one can unmistakably taste cranberry juice with a ton of ice. You have to consume this quickly to avoid watery taste due to ice melting with time. It is a sweet mocktail with a little taste of lime and mint leaf. A decent choice I can say.

For the cocktail, we went for Queen- this is a vodka-based cocktail which again consists of cranberry juice, Vodka and Tabasco sauce. These are perfectly mixed and strained to get rid of the ice and develops a red colour due to the presence of cranberry juice. It was served in a modified Martini glass with a green chilly garnished on the rim. Queen has a particular taste which is on a spicier side without the obvious taste of vodka. Anything in a martini glass looks a notch higher than others. This cocktail too stands out in appearance. A recommended one.


We tried a couple of recommended appetizers here only to gage them. The first among the two is Paneer Laporta. Here paneer is stuffed with cheese or better would be to imagine cheese is spread over paneer and afterwards rolled and slice to shape pieces. It was truly very cheesy and could be compared to the best form of paneer kebabs that you must have had. The dish was presented with laccha onion and lemon, improved with pink sweet sauce on the sides. This is one of their mark dishes.

The following was a one-of-a-kind dish and one can't think about how it would be until it shows up. It is called Deconstructed Samosa. This is a beautifully plated appetizer which consists of light fried samosa skin (8 pc), mashed potato stuffings topped with boiled green peas and decorated chutney (spicy and sweet). You can either have it by stuffing the potato masala into the samosa by breaking or have it separately but you won't get a chance to complain either ways. It was tastier than expected because generally gorgeous looking dishes are not very delicious.


Desserts aren't one of the highlights of Tipsy Gypsy and hence they have just 5 options and out of that just two were available and so we chose the best of all that was available and that is Vanilla Pistachio. It is wonderful because it was served in a martini glass. It had 4-5 scoops of thick vanilla ice-cream and fine pieces of pistachio (Pista) sprinkled and a small amount of chocolate sauce poured over it. We asked for additional chocolate syrup which added to the taste as we are chocolate lovers. I so wish hazelnut mousse was available.

Other items ordered were Jalapeno cheese beignets and Muhammad Ali Road biryani. Tipsy Gypsy is known for Cocktails, Mocktails, Pizza, Brownie, Pasta, Nachos, Waffles. Another highlight which can fill the missing pieces is they have Herbal Sheesha. Sheesha was banned a while ago and since then finding it is an art but now herbal sheesha being less harmful is not banned and can be enjoyed here. The rates start from Rs.1000/- onwards and hikes on weekends. Overall a great place for someone who loves whatever I mentioned that this is a place for you. I feel I would visit this again for experiencing the nightlife.


Cuisines served: Continental, Mediterranean, Italian

Best for lovers of:
Live Music, Innovative dishes, Nightlife

LGBTQIA Friendly
Herbal Sheesha

Paneer lapeta
Muhammad Ali Road biryani

Cost: 2280
Ratings: 5

What Could Be Better?

Service is slow

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae