Bhavika posted on 6th August

Happy Independence Day, Indeed: How To Spend Your Long Weekend

A long weekend is one of those things in life which cause in us equal parts excitement and fear. The possibilities of three days left to our own devices is too much pressure. What if you don’t make the most of it outside? What if you don’t spend enough time just resting either? What if, what if, what if?

We know the case of FOMO like no other, and just so that you have all your options open, we give to you our picks of things to do over the long Independence Day weekend. Now, to do or not to do, that is the question.

Day 1: Sat, 13 Aug {When The Fun Begins}

Shop At H&M

Get excited because this weekend is already looks promising. H&M finally opens up in Mumbai in Lower Parel on Saturday with prizes in store if you’re one of the first ones in line.

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A Midnight Bike Ride

A midnight bike {read: cycling} ride around Bandstand, Carter Road and Worli Seaface sounds like just like the adventure we’d like to begin this weekend with. Plus there are midnight snacks involved {always up for those}.

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Go Waterfall Rappelling

Rappelling might sound daunting, but adding a waterfall to it just ups the game to another level. Try this out if you want to do something different this weekend at Vihi waterfall.

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Go River Rafting

A drive on the expressway in this weather is always a good idea, especially if there is river rafting involved. This two-day trip includes sightseeing, trekking, mountain climbing and rafting. Truly an adventure to fit everyone’s needs.

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Shop And Rediscover India

Take a stroll around The Maker’s Market in Kurla., which will have stalls by different creatives – artists, craftspeople, DIYers – with the theme of Rediscover India. This is a three-day event so if you miss it on Saturday, there’s still two more days to go.

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Rediscover Bandra

Go on a heritage walk to one of the most-loved places in Mumbai, Bandra, and learn more about the unique physical spaces, character and cultures of Bandra today, along with its history from the past.

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Go Bird-Watching

If you want this weekend to have a bit of wonder in it, sign up for this your to Shiravali forest where you can sight the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, one of the smallest and most beautiful woodpeckers. Remember to carry along a camera to save the memories.

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Day 2: Sun, 14 Aug {Don't Worry, There's Still Some Time Left}

Get Spooked By Ghost Stories

Spooky evenings are the best, aren’t they? HIVE presents a dramatic performance of true {they said it, we didn’t} ghost stories. Tell us how it was, if you live to survive the shock and tell the tale, of course.

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Visit An Old Fort

One-day trek through the inside of a fort pinnacle of Kothaligad Fort, where the pinnacle is carved from the inside, which forms a circular staircase that reaches the top. Plus, you have the Monday to recover from this travel-tiredness as well.

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Hoist A Flag On The Highest Peak

Feeling patriotic? Climb the Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra on a day before Independence and hoist our flag on it, with a view of the backwaters of Bhandarda.

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Head To An Indie Music Festival

If Indie music is your thing, you can drive a little away from the city to attend the Swadeshi Indie Music Festival. A few of the artists performing are Kavish, Swadeshi Crew, Kanishk Seth.

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Munch On Some Kebabs

Have a kebab or ten, happy camper. Weekends are meant for gluttony and what other way that to unite, conquer and assuage the streets of South Mumbai on a collective kebab trail?

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Day 3: Mon, 15 Aug {Okay, Get Up Already!}

Bike From Colaba To Bandra

Missed the biking tour on Saturday? What do they say about second chances, they come around, or something like that. Join in with this motley of early cycling adventurers to see Colaba to Bandra bathed in the morning light. In case you {and your mother from the other side of the country} are concerned about your safety, there are safety vehicles following the group. Just saying.

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Watch Sherlock Play Hamlet

We weren’t sure if you heard this- but you can drool over {or admire} a screening of Benedict Cumberbatch on stage as Hamlet in the Shakespearean play of the man who dithers at the NCPA. We are sher-booked.

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Spend Quality Time With The Pet

It’ll be raining cats and dog this Independence Day in Zoobar, Mumbai. Spend some time with your {and other people’s pets} at this ‘paws party’ where the little ones can play games, and eat from a special menu too.

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Discover SoBos Iconic Eateries

Trail along South Mumbai with other foodies and try meals from four different establishments – Iranian, Mangalorean, Parsi and from Kerala – on a quiet Monday evening.

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All-Though-The-Weekend Plans

Camping Under the Stars

Are you the sort to look up at the sky with a wistful sigh and talk about the lack of stars in the city? Take this weekend off and run away to a little seaside town, Uttan, off the Gorai Beach, which is surrounded by thickly forested hills. Pitch a tent and gaze away, up and beyond.

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Gandhi The Musical

Gandhi The Musical is the story of the journey of Mahatma Gandhi and his experiments with truth. Watch this musical with over 18 original songs and dance performances at the NCPA over the weekend.

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Bao-Eating Competition

If you pride yourself in your eating abilities, you should check out this bao-eating competition where you will be up against five fluffy baos and five furious candidates.

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