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Indian Food With A Twist

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What Makes It Awesome?

The newest entrant to the ever-growing food scene of Navi Mumbai. Vilayati offers you a fresh new take on your ordinary Indian dishes. The interiors are a complete mixture of different ideas. Chandeliers for that classy look, neon signs for the cool vibe, bookshelves for some weird reason etc. Our server suggested us their best dishes and we were all set with our order.

We started off with some drinks. They have a huge range of Goti Soda Cocktails and we got the Orange Margarita one. A sense of nostalgia passes through your mind as you pop that Goti Soda bottle. Taste wise though it was pretty much your regular orange soda with a spike of vodka. Another drink we ordered was the Go Long Be Strong and yes, it stays true to its name. Lots of different spirits added to this one so be careful, it’s not for the lightweights.

For appetizers, we got ourselves the Kurkuri Cheese Cigars, Pili Mirch Tikka and Teriyaki Chicken Bao. Served in cutting chai glasses, the Kurkuri Cheese Cigars were just so crunchy. The Teriyaki Bao was an absolute winner of our hearts. Very few restaurants in Mumbai serve good Baos and this one certainly marked its spot on our list. Tangy and a hint of sweetness to the perfectly cooked chicken makes this dish a must have. The Pili Mirch Tikka, however, could have been better.

The crazy amount of different appetizers on the menu made us feel like skipping the mains and just try more appetizers instead. So, we ordered the Chicken Tandoori Lollypop and Hummus with Thecha. We still thank ourselves for trying more appetizers or else we would have missed out on this gem of a dish called the Chicken Tandoori Lollypop. Firstly, the presentation was on point. Served in a huge flask-shaped lid which when opened reveals a ton of smoke and the delicious ghee glazed lollypops. The coal gives it a smoky flavour which gives it that oomph factor. The chicken marinated to perfection has a hint of spice to it. This definitely is our most recommended dish which you just shouldn’t miss out on. Next up was the Hummus with Thecha. The hummus was nice and creamy but the Thecha didn’t have the spiciness which one expects from it.

We ended our meal with the Ras Malai Tres Leches and the Paan Tiramisu. Both of them get a big thumbs up from us for presentation and taste. The Ras Malai Cake was not overly sweet and just so soft. The Paan Tiramisu was more like a Mousse than a Tiramisu. If you ignore the name and focus on the taste, you’ll love it.

Overall, we believe Vilayati is a lovely place to chill and have fun. A lot of places focus too much on presentation of their food and ignore the taste and quality, but that’s not how Vilayati does it. Presentation is top notch and the quality is even better.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.