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    #LBBLoves: India's First-Ever LGBT Yoga Retreat Will Soon Open In Goa

    Jayati posted on 03 February

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Simply Yoga is touted to be the first ever LGBTIQ {Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning} yoga retreat and it’s going to open soon in the land of all things colourful, Goa.

    An All Accepting Place

    The journey from Chandigarh to Australia and then to Goa began with Varun Singal’s personal life story. He came from a conservative Punjabi background in Chandigarh and struggled with his sexuality for the longest time before he found self-acceptance in land down under. The move to Australia cemented his own identity of being gay and embracing it; this was in more ways than one ‘step one’. Step two: spread the same kind of acceptance in his own country. This is where Goa comes in.

    The yoga retreat will serve one and all, irrespective of their sexuality. The primary aim of the yoga retreat is to offer up a safe haven for the LGBTIQ community so they can wear what they want and be who they are in a safe beautiful environment, but they vow to follow no discriminatory policies. In fact, Varun tells us even the staff he wants to get on board would in his ideal world come from the LGBTIQ community itself with the help of local NGOS and communities in Goa. He does, however, acknowledge not everyone maybe comfortable with opening up about their sexuality.

    What We Love

    Taking shape in a 100-year old Goan Portuguese bungalow, Simply Yoga will encapsulate a yoga studio that fits well within a luxurious complex. The visitors can come to learn yoga, and even learn to build their own practice suggests Varun, who’s a certified yoga teacher from Nepal himself. Patrons can stay on for weeks or even months, depending on the kind of package they sign up for.

    The place will remain open throughout the year, and through its existence aim to empower the LGBTIQ community, which often stands marginalised. One can also expect swimming pool, reading lounge, en-suites, and a kitchen garden for organic farm produce. Since the retreat basis itself heavily on yoga, the kitchen will take on the Ayurvedic principles. Though in terms of lifestyle restrictions {alcohol, smoking}, it may not be as restrictive.

    So, We’re Saying…

    A novel but a progressive concept, Goa is slowly becoming the liberal flagship city for all communities. Simply Yoga, as we’ve been told will be open to all. It takes huge strides for being a first of its kind in India and comes in as a rainbow in the dimly country for the LGBTIQ community.

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    598, Survey 43/8, Badem, Assagao, Goa