Tune In: India's First Online Community Radio Is Here & It's All Kinds Of Awesome


Boxout.fm is India’s first online community radio that curates independent music, artists and as a platform gives Indian listeners something unique to tune in to.

Creating An Alternate Space

Delhi-based Boxout.fm was launched on April 7 by music promoter and entrepreneur, Mohammed Abood {DJ MoCity}, and musician Sahej Bakshi {otherwise popularly known as Dualist Inquiry}. The idea of the online radio is to have a platform where alternate and independent music can be played for the listeners who’re looking to explore beyond the commercial and massy music fed to them on regular basis in India.

India’s burgeoning music scene had been lacking a dedicated platform that could curate music for the independent music community. Boxout.fm is filling that gap by bringing on DJs, guest mixers, hosting live shows and even interviews with independent artists and bands. There’s always intriguing and engaging content going on at the radio.

What We Love

Boxout.fm as a platform is recognising the independent music community in India. Though the online radio is based out of Delhi and is hosted by DJ MoCity, they also curate music from around the world. And anyone in the world can tune into it.

So far, the radio is free to listen to and has certain genres and themes that one can browse through. They have curated mix tapes, playlists and more. It’s also in a way introducing us to more genre of music and homegrown artists. The website has a comprehensive list of shows, a schedule of what can be expected {in terms of guests and artist line-up} and videos {with really interesting graphic illustrations}.

Not just this, Boxout.fm will also be oganising regular offline properties like Boxout Wednesdays at the Summerhouse Cafe in Delhi and Boxout Socials across India {generally on Sundays}. They have hosted five Boxout Socials in Mumbai and will be back soon for more of these.

#LBBTip: They also have a free monthly zine, The Plug, which features write ups on music and visual art in collaboration with Working Hours. You can pick it up at a number of outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. In Mumbai, you can pick them up from Kala Ghoda cafe, Obataimu, Blue Tokai and Khar Social.

So, We're Saying...

Radio as a medium for entertainment has seen a dip in India. The current radio stations do not cater to the independent music community in India and this is where Boxout.fm is making waves. They’re still new and expanding their content, and we’re looking to see how this goes. In the meanwhile, we’re happily tuned into Chai and Chill.

To tune into Boxout.fm or subscribe to them, go here.

Check out the monthly zine here.