Mumbai Artists Who Sell Their Work On Facebook & Instagram: The Sequel

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Following our first series on independent Mumbai-based artists who sell their artwork privately through their personal social media accounts, we’ve decided to round up a sequel. More illustrators, doodle artists and art teachers – find our list here.

Bodhisattwa Ray

Bodhisatwa Ray, a Kolkata-born artist and based out of Mumbai is all of 20 years old. He tells us, his inspiration for his artwork goes back to his father’s beautiful artwork. Bodhi {as he is fondly called} mainly does intricate, abstract hand-drawn illustrations {something he claims is his forte} and uploads them on his Instagram account – The BottomsUp Collective. By adding digital elements to give that edge to his artwork – one can find his artwork in hues of black and white – with occasional splashes of colour. We are loving Bodhi’s eclectic illustrations – including Shiro, the cat, that makes appearances on the account.

Find recurring multi-dimensions to his artwork ranging from modern-day mental issues, music and fan art – to his portraits of typography-based art. He sells framed artwork, hand-drawn posters and even glass bottles {his latest venture}. Digital printed framed artwork starts at INR 250, with customisations starting at INR 600, and hand-drawn posters at INR 500 {digital ones for INR 300}, hand-painted bottles start at INR 700.

#LBBTip: Easy to approach, he loves customising his artwork for customers. Ping him – and he’ll happily take in requests.

To buy, follow him on Facebook here, and on Instagram here.

Mehek Malhotra

20-year-old Mehek Malhotra is a Mumbai-based artist and illustrator who’s currently studying fashion communication at NIFT Mumbai. Donning pink hair, and hailing from hilly Doon – we love Mehek’s colourful illustrations, especially the different series she has drawn. Her artwork is inspired from the mundane observations, stuff that is open to interpretations so the “audience find their own experiences” within the illustrations.

Her bright artwork ranges from abstract ideas to her delightful hand-drawn illustrated series. For example,  The Carbon series here dictates autos which have pillows that in turn signify dreams, with other series like How To Be A Cactus and Find Your Habit. To buy her artwork, simply get in touch with her via her social media accounts, or email her at Buy the illustrations as canvas prints, portraits, custom postcards, stickers, or even get something customised for yourself.

Of course, she is open to customisation depending on the kind of time and effort the project demands. Therefore, one can buy stickers starting at INR 50 that go upto INR 200 to canvas prints at INR 4,000 with customised artwork starting at INR 6,000.

To buy, follow her on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Heta Mehta

Heta Mehta is a Mumbai-based self-taught artist who runs the project, Doodlistic on Facebook. Run as an independent art studio founded by her, one can find beautiful artwork of paintings, doodles {prints,canvas or even on walls}.

The aim is simple – Heta loves to customise artwork according to the needs of the customer. Hence, you can give in your own ideas and it’ll be done. Do you have a plain wall at home – that 100% needs some colour? Give her a call. She does all sorts of paintings, doodles, posters and even bookmarks. If you have a design in mind, call her up. To buy her work, simply email her or message her on Facebook. Bookmarks start at INR 140, with posters starting at INR 750. She is also open to painting walls and the price depends on the dimensions of the wall and what you expect her to do.

#LBBTip: The Grant Road Station’s wall has been painted by Heta and her team, and she will be painting half a kilometre in Chembur as well. Stay updated by following her page.

Check out Doodlistic here.

Alisha Poonawala

The youngest of the lot, Alisha is a 16-year old doodle artist based out of Mumbai studying commerce at Barnes School. A complete self-taught artist, Alisha has honed skills following those endless doodles on the corners of her textbook. She loves to make doodle prints but her main forte lies in making quirky phone covers – which she sells via her Instagram account, Alisha Scribbles.

Describing her work as that creates mandalas, zentangles, she tells us doodling is her passion and possibly one of her favourite forms of artwork. She prefers doodle within the medium of black and white and is widely open to customisations {with phone covers and selling framed sketches of her doodles}. You can get in touch with her through her Scribbled Instagram account, or email her at A basic phone cover plus delivery starts at INR 350 with framed scribbles starting at INR 1,000.

To buy, follow her on Instagram here.

Jai Ranjit

A 28-year-old self-taught artist from Mumbai, Jai Ranjit has dedicated almost a decade to art. Experimenting with different genres and styles in the art space – for him, every painting he creates carries a story. Describing his art as ‘cubist-inspired’ – his gorgeous acrylic canvases are perfect for a living room hanging.

Shifting from learning to teaching art to his students since 2009, Jai also dabs in photography and conducts gallery hops. He sells his artwork on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and one can even find him at exhibitions. Get in touch with him directly via email, or Facebook messages. Starting at INR 500 for a small print to INR 10,000 for mid-sized work – one can even opt to buy acrylic on canvas paintings as well. Just mail him at, or contact him via his accounts.

To buy, follow his work on Facebook here and on Instagram here.