Longing For Greenery? Go To These Nurseries For Gorgeous Indoor Plants & More

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    If you’ve got a flat in Mumbai by now, you may have made peace with crammed spaces. Unless you’re one of the few lucky ones who have the luxury to own a garden space, you’re making do with whatever you’ve got – balconies, living room corners or even a make-shift indoor garden. If you’re just starting out, find our guide to nurseries that supply indoor plants. Stay green, stay happy, friend.

    Vriksha Nursery

    Vriksha Nursery

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    This cute nursery run by Shaan Lalwani in Bandra has a really diverse collection of plants, outdoor and indoor. From different types of cactus plants, to succulents, the nursery houses them all. In fact, if you’re looking for specific plants, or guidance for your indoor garden, speak to Shaan and he’ll be more than happy to get it for you. A simple plant will cost INR 100 upward.

    Check it out here.

    Floraland Nursery


    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Remember when we told you about Floraland Nursery in Bandra? It’s home to a myriad of plants, pots and other gardening tools. If you’re looking for simple herbs, ferns or potted plants, go here to buy them all. A simple fern plant {with pot} will come for INR 50 and upward.

    Read more here.

    Ankur Nurseries

    Ankur Nurseries

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    This Chembur-based nursery has been around for decades. You can buy cherry tomatoes {to grow in your pot}, cactus and ferns that require less care or sunlight aka perfect for your living room. You can read more about it here.

    Check their website here.

    The Garden Project

    The Garden Project is a home-based project run by Zahabiya who lives in Powai. At her residence, she creates the most beautiful and wonderful terrariums, plants and pots. The idea is to have a garden in a bowl, and keep them as decor pieces in your home.

    Most of the terrariums don’t require you to water it as much, and can even be kept in the bathroom. A regular sized terrarium will cost you INR 1,000 upward. You can read more here.

    Check their Facebook page here.

    Can Of Juice

    Can Of Juice

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    Can of Juice is a home decor website that we keep handy when our impulse for fancy indoor plants kicks in. From gorgeous hanging orb terrariums, to cookie jar terrariums, or even a prism-shaped terrarium, they have it all. Stocking terrariums of all shapes and sizes, they start at INR 600 upwards {depending on the one you opt for}. They deliver pan-India, and package it carefully so the terrariums reach you safe and sound.

    To buy, go here.

    The Green Bowl

    The Green Bowl by Bandra-based Leah Umrigar is a wonderful brand that sells handmade terrariums that will lighten up even the dullest of corners in your home.

    Leah specialises in sourcing indoor plants, and will customise the terrarium according to your needs. In fact, get in touch with her and she will guide you as to which plant, or size of terrarium is suitable for your house. A simple terrarium starts at INR 1,600. You can read more about it here.

    To place your orders, go here.

    P.S. She will also customise these if you’re looking to gift it to someone, with a personalised message on a pebble, or rock.


    You can also check out these other nurseries that will home-deliver your plants.