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    Get Mumbai On Your Walls With Gorgeous And Quirky Illustrations By Ink Trails

    Jayati posted on 25 April


    If you’re as obsessed with city landmarks and travel stories as we are, get beautiful prints of illustrations by Ink Trails to add splash to your home walls.

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    Archana is a Bangalore-based architect and illustrator who started off Ink Trails to capture her travel-based illustrations. Her love for architecture translated into her love for popular city landmarks, something that locals resonate well with and what tourists appreciate.

    She tells us, it’s her way of “freezing the memory”. After putting up her artwork and illustrations at the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai this year, Archana started receiving a lot of orders from the city. Currently, she is working on 100 days of Incredible India, wherein she is sketching all the beautiful landscapes India has to offer.


    What We Love

    The illustrations that capture the cities so well. For Mumbai, Archana has done Victoria Terminal Station, The Gateway of India. Not just Mumbai, she has captured Bangalore, Kolkata, Ladakh and other states that we all may have visited at some point. Therefore, find gorgeous sketches of Pondicherry or even the ever so pink Jaipur. The details are intricate and we think it’s perfect for setting up in our rooms. She also customises coasters, bags et al, and other merchandise on orders.

    One can order in these prints from Ink Trails by getting in touch with her via Facebook or her Instagram page. She sells the A3 size prints for INR 900, in addition to whatever the courier charges are there. However, if you order above INR 2,000, there’s no delivery charge. She tells us, she is also open to painting walls as she is currently creating a wall paper for a Mumbai-based client. It’s a map of Mumbai with iconic eateries pinned on it.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you love unique hand drawn illustrations, especially of your favourite get in touch with Ink Trails.

    You can follow the Facebook page here, and Instagram here.


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