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This Eco- Friendly Outlet Offers Some Amazing Varieties Of Fruity Ice Creams

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What Makes It Awesome?

So yesterday, we visited Fruit Frenzy in Thane.
The ambiance was really good and is quite spacious, lighting is also perfect. There are many factors which make this outlet stand apart, so of them are:
-They use fruit sugar instead of table sugar
-They use cloth napkin instead of paper tissues
-They serve in a natural coconut shell
-Their seats are made of recycled tyres

So what we had?
🔷 Lychee and Coffee Walnut scoop:-
Both the scoops were really so perfect. Lychee was so fruitful.
And chocolate walnut wasn't too strong. The quantity was well enough. The way they serve it is also unique.

🔶Dark Temptation roll:-
So this was really an amazing ice cream roll we ever had. Dark Temptation cookie was crushed and ice cream was made out of it. The taste was divine and the presentation was cool.

🔶 Chocolate sandwich:-
Before you think twice to order it and judge it, let us clear that this is one of the best and very different things they offer.
Chocolate ice cream is placed between 2 buns which are a but faltered with butter. And is topped with pistachio and almonds and nuts.
As soon as we took the first bite, the heavenly taste exploded inside the mouth. Cold ice cream with hot buns is a deadly combo and you can surely go ahead and try this.

🔷 Orange fruitice (ice cream inside the fruit ):-
So this is really an interesting Ice cream which we don't see much in the city or elsewhere. In this, they remove the pulp of a fruit and then fill it with that fruit-flavored ice cream. Then they cut it into pieces and serve it. The ice cream was really tender and you can definitely feel the quality being so nice.
Ice cream in natural fruit, a must try.

🔶 Mango Vada ice cream:-
Fried ice cream? We know what thoughts are you having on hearing it, but trust us this is the thing a true ice cream lover can never miss out.
Ice cream scoop of Flavour of our choice is wrapped around wet bread and then is rolled in breadcrumbs and then fried in oil.
It is served with a scoop beside it. Poured with some puree ( of fruits like lychee, strawberry) We had mango ice cream, it is crispy on the outside and really tender and soft inside . Topped with nuts and almonds.

-Fruit Frenzy Thane is an outlet which is a go to place for ice cream Lovers. Their amazing and unique menu sets then apart from other ice cream outlets. Fruitice , fried ice cream and ice cream sandwich are their must try , don't miss it . Also the ambience is quite soothing and sheer .

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500