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Go Sore Or Go Home: ITP Is The Workout That Promises To Transform Your Body

    Powai, Mumbai


    Intensive Transformation Program {ITP} is an intense class in Powai {soon starting in Khar} that focuses on transforming bodies. The module designed by dance teacher Vineet Bangera essentially revolves around reducing the fat percentage and increasing muscle quality of your body.

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    When you join ITP, losing weight is a by-product of everything you do there. Vineet focuses on making sure your body burns the fat it consumes in this 60-minute workout created by him. This class is a hardcore workout class and is designed to give serious results. ITP is for people who want to commit to a lifestyle change and not make fitness just a hobby.

    How Does It Work?

    Unlike a gym {where there are high chances that you could get bored at some point}, the workout regime here involves an element of surprise in every session that keeps you motivated. From doing solo exercises, to partner exercises to sports drills, there is a sense of newness and a challenge in each session that results in better outcomes.

    These workouts are completely based on body weight and Vineet monitors the form frame and range of each exercise at an individual level with each student. The motto at ITP ‘go sore or go home’, and Vineet warns you that while the first few classes may drain you out completely, the results you see will keep you going.

    The class begins with a 30-minute warm-up set, which is intense and then the next 30 minutes are a surprise from circuit to station to HIIT to various other creative ways to work out. Throw in additional last five minutes to do what they call lateral breathing, where they work on your breathing and on cooling down.

    Anything Else?

    The classes are conducted three times a week in the morning at The Square in Powai, and you will be charged INR 5,300 for 12 sessions a month {we promise you will love every bit of this work out}. They’re starting classes in Khar from Monday, February 6, three times a week in the evenings at Arts In Motion, and you will be charged INR 5,000 or 12 sessions a month. Their first class is a free trial, so go there to check it out.

    Call on +91 7045645632 or +91 9820324126 for more information and to get yourself registered.

      Powai, Mumbai