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Intoxicating Summer Menu At Tc127

The information in this post might be outdated

What Makes It Awesome

Thirsty City127 introduces a new summer menu!

With the changing season, our mixologist too reinvents the menu keeping in mind the freshest ingredients and produce.

The cocktail program is crafted around five main elements - grains of paradise, water of life, hops & bitters, Fermentation and co2 & bubbles. Also the program dependant on local ingredient and is focused and technique forward. Cocktails for them are not just spirit and add-ons coming together, but more about how each ingredient can shine through without the flavour being compromised.

Coming to their thirst-quenching beers. Meticulous, handcrafted techniques are performed alongside exacting quality processes, resulting in a range of distinctive beers made using only the finest ingredients available.

Last but not the least in our beverage category, the selection of wines. Their wines are ones whose grapes are growing using biodynamic and organic methods in the vineyard with minimal intervention in the wine procedure, allowing nature to do its job. Savour your sip and you can actually taste the land from where the wine comes from.

Food too plays an important role but only post the beverages. The menu is simple but fulfilling. They have researched bars from across the world to curate this menu, where there will be something for everyone. It’s a European menu for slight Asian influence.

Comfort food with impeccable hand crafted cocktails, yes please!

Date: Ongoing

Where: Thirsty City 127, Lower Parel

When: 7pm-1am