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Container Cottages With A View: This Resort Is Where You Should Be Headed Next


    Iora cottages are not your usual run-in-the-mill stone cottages. Container-themed and inspired by nature, they are just five minutes away from Nagaon beach. We tell you why this needs to be on your radar. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    About a three hour drive from the city, the resort is a one storey structure, packed with all sorts of recreational activities. You can indulge in bird watching, explore the area around with nature walks, do a night safari, and even experience a marine walk. There's also an open area with a bluetooth audio system and a kids play area. 

    You'll get free WiFi in the premises, there's also a restaurant and a garden around the place. What's also got us excited is that certain rooms have a balcony too and the resort has a terrace which offers a scenic view.


    We've heard that the breakfast is a buffet with enough options. You also have the option of fresh fruits and healthy food. Find a weekend, pack your bags and head out to just unwind already.