Ferry Tales: Island Hopping Around Singapore

Ten-Second Takeaway

Bar hopping across Clarke Quay and Orchard Road is one of the funnest ways we’ve spent a Saturday night but the weekdays mostly see semi-filled bars and this is when we moved to a different trail – island hopping. From turtle watching to chilling on a yacht to screaming up and down a roller coaster, here’s where we sailed to.


You needn’t brave the waters to reach this one: It’s accessible by road; you can hop onto a bus or hire a private cab. Sentosa is pretty much a city in itself and we’d recommend checking in here for at least two-three days of party and fun. It’s a popular spot for bachelorette scenes.

We’d start with the uber famous Universal Studios by letting our hair down and scream at the top of our lungs on every single roller coaster here. And don’t forget to get a selfie with the rotating globe for your Facebook profile.

This can leave you feeling dizzy thought so take a break on the cable car and see the giant water slides from high up in the sky. So many good views. Don’t miss the Merlion Singapore is so famous for- surprisingly Sentosa’s version is much larger than the original one.

But honestly, Sentosa is best visited when you’ve saved up some money: You can head to Sentosa Cove and get your swag on aboard a yacht, experience some of the best fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Joel Robuchon and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon or just go all the way and hire an apartment and party Vegas-style with a bunch of friends. There are plenty of bars around to keep you busy through the nights. And the social scene is thriving.

For a more chill scene, keep your bikini {and your bikini bod} ready to take leisurely swims across the various pools and check into Sofitel Spa for their signature foot massage. Their herbal tea is the bomb.

Pulau Ubin

Once you’ve set sail and moved away from the shore, the ride is pretty serene; we could watch the rippling water forever but were pretty happy when Pulau Ubin finally came into view.

We wondered why the island looked so familiar, our guide informed us that a large chunk of Krrish was shot here. The first thing you see at Pulau Ubin are hordes of bicycles and to be honest, we think this is possibly the best way to explore the island- every single person we saw seemed to be soaring through on two wheels. Pula Ubin is a tree-hugger’s destination: Think thick clumps of greenery, a spectacular lake and some of the oldest houses of Singapore.

With a total of 30 residents, Pulau Ubin has a lot of untouched land and is especially popular among campers. and that’s mostly what attracts tourists to the island. Picture this: Sleeping off to the sound of the water under the stars – maybe plan a night with bae here?

There’s also a bunch of eateries offering local seafood for when hunger strikes.

#LBBTip: The ferry ride can get bumpy initially so if you’re prone to sea sickness, you may want to pop a pill before jumping aboard.

Kusu Island

This island has its own version of releasing doves into the sky. You can purchase a turtle, hop on a ferry to Kusu and set it free into the sea.

With a Chinese temple right in the middle of it and a wishing well for all those pending dreams, you may have already figured out this island isn’t for those looking for adventure and nights full of partying. It is however the ideal destination for those who want to spend some quiet time walking on the soft stretch of sand, indulge in a bout of ‘me time’ and chill with turtles of all shapes and sizes.

We thoroughly enjoyed curling up under a tree with a book whilst listening to the sound of the waves.

PS: You can also make a pit stop {en route Kusu} at St John’s Island in case you’re looking for a quiet spot to read or write, away from everyone and everything.