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Cardboard: Innovation At Its Best

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What Makes It Awesome?

CARDBOARD - Been hearing about this place for all the good and bad reasons for the last 2 months. Yes, there is a slight issue related to the smell but once you settle in for 5/10 minutes you get used to it. The place is compact and done well! A lot of effort has been put in to get it right! Let's rather talk about the lovely cocktails (yes they got their licence last month) and the innovative food which Chef Yung has curated. 

Started with - its casual (their take on whiskey sour) with pomegranate basil lemon juice. Instead of sugar, they have added dates. Innovative. Looked good tasted good.

Must try the Sangria (Both white and red) Do not leave the Fruits (that's what hits you)

Coming to Bar Nibbles - Marinated Olives with a southern touch. Can't call it Rasam or Sambhar but it was tangy and a bit citrusy. The process takes a long time to get this correct.

4-way Hummus is a good choice for the vegetarians - They serve the classic hummus/black-eyed pea/aubergine and Moong. Served with pita bread (chef please work on the bread, a bit chewy) Classic was smooth can't go wrong if made correct. (This is GF) Coming to Spiffy - MUNG, this gets you that tangy touch as it is garnished with pico de gallo. SLICK - Black Eyed Pea (Chawli) with a blend of sweet potato (lovely texture) loved the fried Ginger (gives you the hit) and WANGO - Aubergine with sundried tomatoes some pomegranate. The highlight here was the balsamic reduction. Enhances the flavour. Overall nice.

Soup - must try the RAD, southern touch all the way, Gazpacho (asked for tasting portion) Shallots and curry leaf combination went well. Sweet/spicy/tangy. Go for it.

Salad - SWINGIN (GF) here the chef has kept it simple. Let the flavours talk. It's freshness all over. Combination of kiwi and orange went well. Chevre gave a bit of saltiness and cut the sweetness. Walnut gave the nutty flavour. Arugula the sharpness. Twist was the Mustard seed/curry leaves. Balanced this dish. A bit of hit from jalapenos. Overall loved it.

Appetizers - Croquettes, WHAT A FRY and WHAT I HIP. WAF had beetroot with a bit of potato mashed. For aroma it was basil. Coconut balanced it. This was fried using POHA crust which has a rusty texture. The drizzle of orange jalapeno. WIP - innovative. Cabbage/Potato being the core ingredient. Ginger played a major role as it hits you. POHA crust and Orange jalapeno drizzle.

NON VEG - Do try the Spiced Grill Chicken placed on Green pea puree (spicy) with Blueberry with a dash of grated coconut. On the menu, this is called GOING AROUND (GF) SOOKY SOOKY mutton a bit chewy (chef, please look into it) Here he has used the Raan piece. Loved the GROOVY (prawns) made southern style, basically Rawa prawns. Had a garnish of raw papaya.

FRENCH Baguette SANDWICH - Dy-No-Mitel (VG) nicely presented. Stuffed with Batata Wada (Fried) with lettuce, red and green chutney, Thecha. For the crispiness it had crisp onions, Podi enhanced the flavour and chilli. This could have been better.

Mains - TOTALLY AWESOME - Coriander Coco Curry Bold flavours. This was awesome. Coriander coco curry gave that southern touch. Mushrooms added enhanced the dish. Crisp Aubergine went well, gave that crunchiness to the dish. Rice had a lovely butter texture and sheen. Asian salad went well and crispy onions have a bit of sweetness. Overall a great Mini meal. Try out.

Last but not the least in mains - SMASHING, their take on Butter chicken. Tender chicken pieces with Indian spices and a mix of southern masala. Beetroot and Bacardi balanced the dish. Served with Naan. Blind tasting (i bet one would say its butter chicken) Richness all over and a bit heavy. Just go for this dish.

Dessert - SHOTGUN, this is their signature. Parle G cheesecake (The crust is Parle G) Chai glazes at the bottom (Subtle not over) Caramelised Ginger - this was a surprise which went well, gave the hit and balanced the sweetness. OLD MONK - what else does one need? Polished the dish in less than a couple of minutes.

Overall - apart from a couple of minute mistakes, this place is a winner by miles. Service was immaculate. Chef Cum Owner has knows what he has curated. Will be back for sure - till then cheers.

What Could Be Better?

Maybe the Pita and Lamb needs fine Tuning

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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