It's True! The British Library Is Offering Almost One Million Vintage Images Free For Download

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What Makes It Awesome

The British Library is offering up its century-old vintage images copyright free on Flickr. If you're as obsessed with images from the 17th, 18th and the 19th century, then you're in for a treat.

Available on Flickr, British Library has released almost one million images that can now be downloaded for free. Most of these images have been catalogued by volunteers for the library, and have assembled them into generic categories, such as architecture, women of the world, comic art, cycling, ships, and even costumes and dresses. They have as many categories as you'd like to browse with.

With every image, there's a credit and the page of the book it has been scanned from. An illustrator and art historian's dream come true? We think so too.

What Could Be Better?

Most images have been credited to the authors of the books, and not the illustrator. So that's something we wish Flickr can work on.

Anything Else?

This comes in as a welcome move, considering the New York Public Library had been offering almost 18,000 images for reuse and sharing since years now. However, with this, British Library has opened up almost one million images and that's a vast resource to work with. You can find those here - { }

We're ecstatic, and the geek in us is happy that we don't have to scramble around for images as we did before for our history, or art projects, or visual collaborations in general. You can download these images here - { }

{Photo Courtesy: The British Library/Flickr}