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Time To Wine Down: This Panchgani Cottage Was A Wine Cellar Back In The 60s

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you looking for something that's beyond just luxury? And are you the type that loves getting into the history of things while on a vacay? Because we might just have the perfect staycation for you. Jena Cottage in Panchgani is our latest find and we're only glad that we stumbled upon some tranquility.

Built in 1968, this family home has three bedrooms with two attached bathrooms, and welcomes everyone with warmth. When you enter the premises, the colonial architecture will leave you awestruck, because who doesn't like the idea of staying amidst the woods, in a small cottage? (have we already teleported you to the world of Ruskin bond? Thank us later, ya'll!) 

The cottage was once a firewood kitchen and wine cellar that served the main bungalow of the owner. There's a  beautiful garden and a natural forest that separates the property from the main town of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. The staff that welcomes you is from the nearby local villages, and your stay at Jena will only promote the growth of the local market and the local artisans and craftsmen of the region. That's one of the major aims of converting the cellar into a cottage. 

The bedrooms are clean, artsy, and the cottage comes for INR 5,000 a night, for five guests. So are you ready to check into a cozy abode? 


Don't forget to converse with the host, Heta, to get to know about the rich heritage of the cottage.