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This Ice Cream Parlour In Mumbai Serves Black Cones With Black Ice Cream

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What Makes It Awesome

The popular ice cream parlour chain called IceKraft in Oshiwara, has a unique ice cream and cone on its menu and it’s black as hell. Never imagined the Goth culture to take over ice cream, but here we are, digging into charcoal black ice cream.

The ice creams at IceKraft are generally handcrafted and rolled in front of you. This is where they will also handcraft the black ice cream for you, which goes by the name ‘Triple Threat’. And they will serve you the ice cream in a black cone. You just need to ask for it.

How does the ice cream get its colour? Firstly, they prepare a sauce/liquid with the black colour, that is edible black charcoal. Then they ask you for your choice of flavour- pick from orange, dark chocolate to milk chocolate. They will take the regular ice cream, mix it with black sauce and roll it on a cold stone. It all happens in front of you, and believe us, it is jet black. Post the prepping session, they decorate it for you. The black ice cream is put in the black cone and is ready to be devoured.

If you go for the cup, they will add whipped cream to it, along with colourful sprinkles (if you’re into them). We chose the orange flavour and took a bite. The ice cream had subtle hints of orange and was honestly pretty good. The ice-cream in a cup will cost you INR 215 and cone will cost you INR 235.

So if you read about the Goth black ice cream that is making waves in New York, well look no further, because aamchi Mumbai steps up its game like no one else. For now, we’re just getting our black kohl ready, mister.


They've also got a whole black range that they deliver- Carbon Casablanca, Black Triple Threat, Black Chocolate Monster, The Zulu, and Black Combo. Also, they're currently delivering, and following all the safety measures and WHO guidelines while making, packaging, and delivering things.