Ten-Second Takeaway

For the next few nights, you might be able to spot a very beautiful and surreal effect at Juhu beach – the water is reportedly shimmering with a bright shade of blue.

What, How?

According to a news report in Nat Geo Traveller, Juhu Beach has been aglow for the past few nights, and will be for two to three nights more.  Bioluminescent marine microbes called phytoplankton are responsible for this beautiful change. While these can usually be spotted at a distance, seeing them so close to the shore is quite rare, and happens due to changes in currents and tides.

The bioluminescence happened on Juhu Beach in January 2016 as well.

How Can I See It?

According to the report, the best time to go see this is at 9.30pm, and the best spot and vantage point is the cement jetty on the beach. But be warned, the jetty floods after high tide {which is usually around midnight} so don’t go too late.

So, We’re Saying…

Head there soon and keep your eyes peeled.

Featured photo source: Brian via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)