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Legendary Music Club Razzberry Rhinoceros Is Re-Opening This Month

Jayati posted on 20 February


Juhu’s legendary music club Razzberry Rhinoceros aka Razz is set to make a comeback on February 26 and we have the lowdown on what’s new and what to expect.

Of Grunge Music And Gigs

Razz at Juhu Hotel as it was previously called before it shut down in 2007 hosted many a live gigs with indie bands. It was the alternative to hard-rock with its grunge decor and a space for independent musicians to showcase their talent. However with it shutting shop, Mumbai in a sense had a vacuum up until the likes of antiSocial and Bandra Base came to the foray. So when we heard it’s re-opening and soon at that, we headed there to check out the new space and speak to the management.

What's New?

The old vibe remains as they will continue to organise live performances with bands and artists across the genres. However, there’s going to be an exclusive VIP area upstairs for private parties with pool tables. Chef Ranveer Brar is the consulting chef and a new and exciting menu with Mediterranean cuisine is in the pipeline. Expect tap beer, craft beer, fresh-fruit cocktails and your other regular bar drinks.

We’ve been told wood-fired pizzas will be served and tandoor grills will be installed for the outside area  {the one with the sea-view} and a separate coffee-wine lounge next to the main bar area. The main bar area, on the other hand, will be the upbeat space for your regular stand-ups, gigs and disco nights.

So, We're Saying...

We’re excited to see this iconic place come back to life with a bang on February 26 with the TAP beer Festival. If you’ve been a regular up until 2007, then go here to re-create those memories. If you’re new to the city, perhaps time for some new memories?

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