This Exclusive Restaurant Serves Authentic Parsi Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

"Jumjoji" is a very exclusive restaurant that serves authentic Parsi cuisine. Undoubtedly this restaurant serves best Parsi cuisine in the town. My experience this restaurant was unforgettable and wonderful. If you are looking for a Parsi restaurant with fine dining this place is perfect for it. This is the best place to visit in order to explore and cherish the authentic Parsi cuisine and are worth adding to your bucket list.

Ambiance:- The ambiance of this restaurant is very elegant, classic and beautiful. As soon as I entered, it reminded me of classic Parsi restaurant and club of 70's and 80's era. This place represents and has the essence of the Parsi culture. This place has a mini bar. The restaurant also has live piano performances. This is perfect for a fancy dinner party, get together and romantic date.

Service:- The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The service provided by them is quite fast and good too. The staff well trained and was very attentive towards their customers. Overall gesture at service table towards their customers was really good.

Mocktail -
Guava Twister:- Chilled classic guava juice with a punch of spice before beginning the meal was good and refreshing.

Watermelon Mojito:- Nice sweet and bit sour chill watermelon Mojito was another good and refreshing drink.

Shake -
Jughead Milkshake:- Jughead milkshake which was made from date is one of my favorite milkshakes. This milkshake was yummy and light. The best part was it did not have unnecessary heaviness and sweetness in it.

KitKat Milkshake:- KitKat milkshake is another one of my favorite and almost everyone's favorite milkshake. It was delicious and yummy. I really loved pinch honey syrup they added in it.

Chicken Cutlets:- Classic chicken cutlet serve with mint chutney and garnish with salad was a great starter. Minced chicken with a great balance of all the ingredients and spices. It had a nice crispy outer layer and was moist from inside that went well with the Mint chutney. It was overall dish was beautifully prepared and taste great.

Kolmi kababs:- When it comes to seafood prawn is my all time favorite. Nice deep fried crispy Prawn ball with had a golden crispy outer layer and yet moist from inside was a great starter. It had a great balance of flavors. Overall this was delicious, tasty and delightful.

Patrani Macchi:- Patrani Macchi is one of the classic and signature fish of Parsi cuisine. The was well good and had was very well marinated with green spices. It had a nice tangy and sweet bit of sour. It had a great combination of multi-flavor. Overall it was this dish was one of the best dish and Chef special too. Overall it was delightful and delicious.

Mutton Berry Pulao:- When we talk about the Parsi cuisine the first thing that comes to our mind is their famous berry pulao. They told the berry that in the pulao are Specially imported from Iran. The Mutton berry pulao another best dish of this restaurant with serve along with the authentic Parsi sauce. As soon as the Mutton berry pulao arrived the aroma coming out it was made more tempting. Very soft medium pieces Mutton that very well cooked. Apart from that, all the flavors are amazing. The tangy sauce added in it made a good combination of flavors. They indeed did a complete justice towards this authentic dish.

Langan nu achar - This kind of classic Gujarati achar or chunda. Another great balance of multiple flavors was Langa nu achar. The sweetness of jaggery, tanginess, sour, spicy and had bit touch of garlic. Overall it tempting and lip-smacking achar. But the best surprise was that it was made out of carrots. Something unpredictable tasty and lip-smacking.

Lagna nu Custard:- A meal is incomplete without dessert. The Lagan nu Custard was a great end for the meal. Nice Carmelize custard was delicious. But bit touch of Cinnamon on it added x-factor to custard. Overall it was light, tasty and very delightful.

What Could Be Better?

Need more options in Mocktail.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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Family, Big Group, Kids, Bae