What Is It?

One of the brightest highlights in Mumbai’s cultural calendar, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is back. Taking place from Feb 4 to12, this festival brings colour, art, heritage and cinema over the streets of Kala Ghoda for those nine days, submerging everyone in the arts.

Who Is It For?

Everyone who likes art in all its forms. There will be plays, dance workshops, art information workshops. Everything from a saree-wearing {and history} workshop, to a Studio Potter’s Market, zumba dance performance to a one-act Marathi play. Stand-up comedy performance at the Irish House or live music at the steps of the Asiatic Library takes place at this festival.

Why Should I Go?

Because there’s something for everyone. It’s also a free entry event so if you find that a dance performance in one venue doesn’t excite you much, you could simply hop over to attend a literature workshop instead.

Anything Else?

More details on the map of the festival can be found here.

Where: Kala Ghoda

When: Feb 4–12

Price: Free entry

Photos source: Kala Ghoda Arts Festival