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Have You Been To The Art Gallery On The Streets In South Mumbai?


    Outside Jehangir Art Gallery is an entire pavement full of artwork – caricatures, watercolour and more – made by local artists, and it’s all for sale too.

    Art On The Street

    Step to the left of South Mumbai’s famous Jehangir Art Gallery and walk down the lane. We saw at least ten different sections, starting with Kapil Kumble’s art, which was a lot of abstract and watercolour work, taking form in bookmarks, and other prints. He also does portraits {contact him on +918898622153}.

    Next you can find caricaturists selling funny cartoons of famous people, or doing live art on the spot. Sit down and get your caricature made here. Other interesting finds here are art on a leaf greeting cards, which are paintings made on a peepal leaf, which cost between INR 40-50. We spotted a few geometric illustrations, and even some really cool black and white paintings, with a slight horror-esque vibe to them. Definitely worth a buy, being priced between INR 100-200 for most.

    Remember being fascinated by your name being strung together by beads when you were younger? Get this other spin on it by getting your name {or any other message for that matter} painted on a single grain of rice under 2 minutes here. The kind man, Sanjay, then places this grain of rice into a glass pendant and then sells it. We got ours, and it’s got LBB on it, and for INR 20 only. Call him on +919702288783.

    So, We're Saying...

    If the art galleries are too intimidating to start with, this is your stepping stone which is more friendly, accessible and even affordable. At the same time, it’s wonderful to see some of the artwork here, some of which is underrated really. Jazz up your desk space or your empty bedroom wall from your pick from this Kala Ghoda pavement gallery.