Kale & Kaffé Truly 'Kales' It With Nutritious & Delicious Fare!

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What Makes It Awesome

Does this ever happen to you - that whole thing when you eat a lot of really masala-heavy, oily food, and it probably does taste amazing, but it makes you feel totally heavy afterwards? We hate that feeling.

We want food that makes us feel recharged. Food that makes us feel satiated, but not stuffed. Food that is fresh, nourishing and still super satisfying. Basically, food that hits the elusive sweet spot that exists between healthy and delicious. Somehow, Kale and Kaffe conquers that whole territory with (avocado) smashing ease. We focused on vegan and vegetarian options they offer.

The space we visited in Bandra was bright - well-lit, and distinctly awake! It’s like they wanted us to be wholly present and aware as we ate, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s an experiment in green and pink as a combination, and we gotta say that it’s very distinctive of their brand. We love the focus on design.

And now for the part you’re reading this for. The food! The servers and chef were gracious and made sound suggestions for what we should try. We began with Kale and Kaffe’s take on the Tomato & Basil Soup. It was rainy outside, and we’d hoped the soup would prove to be a great primer on the dishes that follow… And it was.
This was a soup that was light. It was not thick, but tangy and brothy, with the freshness of basil to lift it up. We loved it, and it did whet our appetites for everything else.

The Avocado Toastie arrived soon after. This one was crafted for the ‘gram, and was great for our freshly-whetted appetites. With smashed avocado slathered generously on super crunchy heart-shaped bread, you can be sure we took 800 photos of it before we took the first bite. We loved that this one had just a little hot sauce on top of it to give it the kick that generic healthy food usually lacks. This one was not heavy at all.

This was followed by the Not Just Falafel salad. We know, it’s challenging to be excited about salad, but hear us out - the addition of falafel really changed the game here.

A bowl of Oriental-inspired Zoodles came next, and this was our favourite! If you’re not familiar with what zoodles are, they’re spiral zucchini pieces that look like noodles. It’s an alternative to normal wheat/white flour-based spaghetti, and way, way less carby. This one was spicy, so if you’re a bit of a (culinary) softie, let ‘em know about that while you’re placing your order. This one almost felt like your usual spicy, noodle-based meal, without the guilt and acidity that follows.

We concluded our session with two amazing vegan, gluten-free desserts - both chocolaty enough to make us believe we were having a cheat day. We’re now obsessed with the Vegan Nutella and Date Walnut Muffin, and the Vegan Gluten-Free Almond and Chocolate Cake. Both were perfectly warm when served (ooey gooey chocolate for life!) and were so, so light and gratifying. Y’know how certain desserts are extremely saccharine, and coat your tongue for hours afterwards? Nah, not these. These left us feeling pleasantly sugared, and that’s all.

Out of curiosity, we also had the Almond Milk Latte. We were warned by the chef that creating latte art is a challenge when it comes to plant-based milks, but when it arrived, we think he was just being nitpicky. The foam hearts were picture perfect, and it broke our own hearts just a little to sip ‘em away. It was lovely, and we can promise you that the iffy-ness plant milks attract isn’t valid here. Almonds and coffee are a match made in Barista heaven. Don’t cancel it before you try it!

All in all, head here for a meal that’ll fuel your life force, probably align your chakras, silence rogue cravings that mess with your goals for your body, or for an experimental meal if you’re just not the kind of person who eats healthy. You’re gonna be happy you came!

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