Swimming, Trekking & Waterfalls: Celebrate The Monsoons At This Resort Near Mumbai

    Thane Area, Mumbai

    What Is It?

    Khodala village is a quaint hill station in the Thane district. It’s still inhabited by the tribals and has a lush thick forest cover. If you’re looking to head out this monsoon, then Wild Camp resort is the place for you in Khodala.

    How Do I Ge There?

    The best way to get here is to take the road. It’ll approximately take three hours via Nh3 till Jawhar Phata via Thane, onwards to Khodala. However, if you’re the kind to avoid driving, then the nearest railway station is Kasara.

    Wild Camp resort is approximately two kms from the main market at Khodala and run by Mumbai-based group, Time Pause. In total, it will take two-three hours to get here from Mumbai.

    What Is Unique About It?

    Wild Camp Resorts in terms of proximity is a quick day trip, and easy to get to. They have a lot of activities going on there from rappeling to rock climbing, or even trekking. If you’re looking to explore the area, rent out a bike or a cycle so you can explore the lush Sahyadri hills surrounding the resort. They also organise a fun night safari in a jeep {however that’s only valid from October to May}.

    Here the accommodation is pretty affordable and offers cottages and dormitories if you’re looking to stay over night. A regular double-occupancy cottage will cost INR 4,800 per night, and a single-occupancy dorm costs INR 1,900 per night {these vary according to the season}.

    The resort also has two swimming pools for you to jump in during the summertime. Make sure to carry your swimming costumes. However, if trekking is on your mind, Khodala has some lush waterfalls that crop up to life during the monsoon which you ought to check out.

    Anything Else?

    Khodala is a quick getaway from Mumbai by road and a favourite among trekkers looking to escape the dull city life. The village is lush, green and still not as popular. There’s plenty to do outdoors.

    To book your stay at wild camp, go here.

      Thane Area, Mumbai