Do It For Bae: Khoja Is Our Go-To Place For Unique Flowers In Mumbai

    Khoja Florist


    We’re long-time fans of Khoja Florist in Bandra, which makes the most tasteful bouquets with any kind of flowers, and will have them delivered in any part of the city.

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’ve ever passed Hill Road, chances are high that you’ve seen the small but very colourful shop called Khoja Florist. We love the vibrant and fresh flowers that are neatly made into gorgeous bouquets. The shop is old, but their services have only got better with time. They have all kinds of flowers, excel in mixing and matching different flowers to make stunning bouquets or baskets, and even artistically design wedding stages, mandaps, cars, rooms and whatnot.

    They have an outlet in Bandra and also have a 24-hour contact number (next time you annoy your SO in the middle of the night, call these angels). Now look forward to some gorgeous flowers such as spray chrysanthemums, orchids and carnations, pink ilium, roses and many other exotic flowers too. They also accept payments on PayTM, making our lives super easy.


    The next time you’ve got some flower to send, you know who to call. Don't forget to buy some orchids too! 

      Khoja Florist