Find A Football Turf {And Even Potential Teammates} On This Website

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BookMyTurf is what you should be bookmarking in case you’re tired of playing at your society garden and want to take your game to a real turf.

What Is It?

An online platform that lets you book football turfs online, BookMyTurf is dream come true for anybody who’s looking to get out and play. They have turfs from all over the city, collated on one platform. Astro turfs are included too, in case you’re wondering. It’s perfect to play bubble soccer as we told you earlier.

Not only booking turfs, it also enables you to find a team that’s looking for a player or a person who’s looking for a team. Have a team already in place? You can challenge other teams in the city or organise a tournament. The rent for turfs starts at INR 600, depending on the location and facilities.

Start booking here.

So, We're Saying...

Doubling up as a platform where people can meet fellow players and enthusiasts, we think it’s a great initiative considering the city is huge with little resources to find like-minded people, specially when it comes to sports.