Heat, What? Spend A Cool Weekend At This 100-Year-Old Property In The Hills

    What Is It?

    King Cottage in Panchgani is a century-old structure that has been converted into a homestay. The property is a luxurious place that claims to ‘pamper your royal senses’.  Hence the name King Cottage. Given our routine madness in Mumbai, we do deserve some pampering, so why not savour the experience?

    How Do I Get There?

    There are direct buses plying from Mumbai to Panchgani every day. The minimum time taken is approximately six hours. If you are taking a train, then you will take the Jan Shatabdi Express from Mumbai to Chiplun and from there a taxi to Panchgani.

    Since King Cottage is listed on Airbnb, you can only find out how to get to King Cottage once you book the property. Once that is done, you get in touch with the owner, who will give you the necessary directions.

    What's Special About It?

    Besides the fact that you get to enjoy some local and cultural history, King Cottage has 2 attached en-suite bathrooms with all essentials. It also has a pool, a gym {huge with all the machinery you can think of}, and several other amenities that will make your weekend stay a memorable one. We can’t wait to head out here already!

    So, We're Saying...

    The hosts are friendly, and will even sit down and discuss the heritage of Panchgani and the heritage hotel with you. Honestly, it’s such a welcome change from all the city chaos; we’d run here in a second. This property hosts two guests and costs INR 9,141 per night {inclusive of taxes}. While it is a bit steep, it sure has a lot to offer, and we don’t mind a bit of history when we wake up in the morning. To book, click here.