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Forks Out: Eggspect Over 50 Egg Dishes At King Egg Palace In Kandivali

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King Egg Palace in Kandivali makes breakfast fit for royalty with over 50 different types of dishes, and they’re all egg-based.

Egg You On

If you love all things breakfast, you’ll find your home in a small eating joint that serves up its eggs in more innovative ways than just eggs on toast. King Egg Palace will spoil you for choice when it comes to the menu. Eggspect has all your basics covered with the masala boiled egg, half fry egg, egg white omelette, egg curry, egg bhurji and more.

After you’ve had those, guess what – there’s an {ob}long way to go. They have dishes such as the egg omelette, which is an omelette base with a gravy and fried eggs on top, or a garlic omelette. Have you heard of the special dosa omelette or spicy pepper egg? All this and more are available.

Dishes range between INR 33 and INR 143.

So, We're Saying...

Take a friend along for breakfast {or even lunch or dinner if you love eggs}.