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All Things Crochet: Get Pineapple-Shaped Coasters & Owl Cushions From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

We stumbled upon a Frida Kahlo cushion cover on the LBB app, and fixed our gaze on it. This, and many more such awesome décor and furnishing is made by a brand called Knotty n Krafty Studio. And here's why you must bookmark it. 

This brand is run by a mother-daughter duo that handcrafts unique home décor accents that are sure to add style to your spaces. They make pumpkin and pineapple-shaped table coasters, hanging baskets that are shaped like a bird's nest, owl-shaped beanies, baskets, cushion covers, flower baskets, rugs, bedcovers and so much more. The beauty of these furnishings is that they're pure crochet work, which takes a lot of time and patience. But the outcome is always pretty. They do handmade bags too and we love the flower power and bohemian tassel bags the most. You'll also find cozy blankets and throws, daisy flower fridge magnets, fruit baskets. The cushions are their bestsellers though. 

The products are handcrafted with almost zero wastage and are reusable. The packaging material is largely recycled and biodegradable. In addition to that, they're also constantly looking at adopting ways in which they can become increasingly eco-friendly and sustainable. We really cannot choose a favorite from Knotty n Krafty Studio, and if like us, you're spoilt for choice too, then maybe just add one thing to cart from each category. The products start at INR 800 and can go up to INR 4,000, but handmade things deserve the money we keep spending on bigger labels. 


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