KODE, Kamala Mills Mumbai , a class apart culinary Experience

    Chef posted on 30 June

    What Did I Like?

    Food and Beverage- As we all know Restaurants of Mr. Zorawar Karla always has something new to offer you. Here they have come up with some of the unimaginery dishes which will shake your floor. As they have story telling in all the dishes in their menu. Food menu is created perfectly keeping eye on all the factors especiallyto wow the guests and give them a magical feel. Menu consists of sushi, burgers, grills, European food etc. Each dish as I mentioned has some story to tell you. Bar menu has few of the amazing drinks and believe me they are not very costly. I felt this place is more like ordering cocktails than any straight drinks.(4.5/5) 1. Cocktails- Bird eye and Forgotten Petal Sour are the drinks I tried. Both the drinks were story teller. Serving astory in cocktails is what Massive group has always succeeded in, same here. Alcohol was balanced with infusion of various exotic flavours resulting in one of the best cocktails in town.(4.5/5) 2. Scotch Eggs (To Ponder) - Scotch eggs made with the outer layer of chicken mince which was crispy and then served on top of béarnaise sauce and pickled onions. Béarnaise had perfect tanginess which was needed. Simply delicious dish to start.(4.5/5) 3. Togarashi and garlic olives (To Ponder) - Kalamata olives marinated in garlic and Japanese red chillies served on chive cream and drizzles of chilli oil. Olives were tasting excellent(4.5/5) 4. Avocado Carpaccio (Cold Plates)- Thinly sliced avocado topped with bell pepper drops, mint, lemon and thin sauce made with soy sauce.(4.5/5) 5. Kale and pine nut salad (Soups and salad) - A salad made from fresh kale, pomegranate, pine nuts and finished with freshly grated parmesan cheese on top. To be honest I am not the kale salad fan though its trendy, but here I really liked the way it was giving the freshness to the dish.(4.5/5) 6. Homemade Churros (Small Plates) - In house churros served along with goat cheese and honey dip. Savoury churros were really crispy and once you dip in it in the cheese dip, it was really a heaven.(5/5) 7. Rock shrimp Tempura (Small Plates) - Shrimps cooked in tempura batter to perfect crispiness and then tossed in wasabi cream. It was one of my most favouritedishes of the evening. Shrimps were crispy enough and spicy punch of wasabi was giving a perfect satisfaction to the palate. A must order dish of them.(5/5) 8. Lobster Rolls with Wafu cream (Small Plates) - Hand rolled wrap with sous vide lobster dressed in Japanese dressing and truffle oil. A wow dish if you are lobster fan, worth having it. (4.5/5) 9. Duck Tacos (Small Plates) - Duck (Hand pulled) tossed in hoisin sauce and filled in taco shells, topped with julienne of cucumber. These tacos were delicious and really filling for stomach. Enjoyed it.(4.5/5) 10. Potato Gnocchi (Mains)- Blanched potato and flour dumpling served and topped with buttery pumpkin cream and garnished with crispy sage. (4/5) 11. 18 hours cooked lamb shanks (Mains) - Slow cooked baby lamb shanks topped with mutton stock glaze served on a bed of potato mash and with blue cheese small balls. A perfect main course to be ordered at this kind of restaurant. Lamb was cooked really perfectly, melting in mouth. Strongly Recommended. (5/5) 12. De constructed Black forest (Dessert) - A superb mixture of crumbled dark chocolate brownie, maraschino cherries, Cream etc. As we all know de constructing is kind of trends now a days, so here they were perfect. (4.5/5) 13. Vanilla Pannacotta (Dessert) - Vanilla panacotta,super soft and perfect flavour of vanilla in it, garnished with vanilla and few citrus and sweet fruits arranged in a round plate to give a really wow feeling. Good part was the consistency of panacotta, made to the perfection. Strongly Recommended.(5/5)

    What Could Be Better?

    Everything was just perfect!! Food , service, ambience and price point all things were perfect and ticking the box.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    They r really professional in terms of food, staff, approach!!! Perfect destination for classic culinary date.

    Anything Else?

    Why you Should Visit- 1. Totally different experience 2. Excellent food and beverage 3. Ambience and wow feel 4. Value for money 5. Location ❖ To sum up- It’s no more surprise that Massive group of Restaurant comes up with something which is really wow and out of the box, they are consistently doing it over the years and KODE is again one of the gem of them. Super fine interiors, Class apart Food and Beverage, Really knowledgeable staff are few of the bullet points of KODE. If you want to have a Unimaginery culinary experience then this is the place you should be. I am sure this will be one of the best culinary places in town, to match up with food and beverage the interior is just splendid. Super impressed with Massive group and Mr. Zorawar Karla. Soon I would be visiting to try other dishes from the menu. All the best, I am sure you guys will rock. ❖ Over all Rating- 1. Location- 5/5 2. Theme- 4.5/5 3. Ambience- 4.5/5 4. Beverage- 4.5/5 5. Food- 4.5/5

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