Scuba Diving, House Boats & More: How To Find Heaven On Tarkali Beach


    The Konkan stretch never ceases to surprise us. Blessed with beautiful landscapes and breath-taking views, it coaxes us to visit it again. We found a serene, lesser-known beach called Tarkali, which turns out is also a hub of scuba diving and other water sports.

    In case you want to kick back and watch the sunset paint the sky orange, there’s the backwaters where you can live on houseboats. They’ll even provide you with binoculars and fishing rods on the boat.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Those driving down can take this route: Panvel – Kolad – Mangaon – Mahad. Reach Chiplun via Asurde. Head towards Ratnagiri and reach Kankavli via Lanja and Rajapur. From Kankavli use Kasal – Sukalwad – Chauke route to reach Tarkarli.

    Know what stands out the most? Scuba diving, backwaters, water sports and houseboats. It’s an amalgamation of Goa and Kerala but on a lesser budget. Now, isn't that perfect? 


    Don't leave home without beach essentials like sunscreen, shades, towels and comfy footwear.