Listen To Heritage Stories Come Alive With Vintage Surroundings At This House In Khotachiwadi

    Girgaum, Mumbai

    What Did I Like?

    Located in the heart of Girgaon is an impeccably beautiful colony called Kothachiwadi. What's captivating about this place is the Portuguese-Konkani style bungalows, humble people and a locality within the hustle of Mumbai, which still gives us the feel of Bombay. Apart from the beautiful homes, there is a home turned into photo exhibition cum studio which stores hundreds of portraits of a British family from late 1800s. Not only this, these pictures have millions of stories to tell about the family that breathed in this nest during the British Raj and how this hidden treasure was found out after the family left. The pictures are placed all over the house, including the patio, the old vintage style garden, and the breathtaking dining room. This is not just a home, but a repository of series of stories and pictures of the unknown.


    The place is located right as you enter the locality. You can ask for a tour of the home cum studio and the owners will be more than happy to take you around.

    Anything Else?

    This beautiful house is one of the few gems that are still new to the city. Sadly, it is going to be rebuilt. So visit the place for a great peek into the olden lives and join the residents in the appeal of protecting the heritage house if you wish.
      Girgaum, Mumbai