Oldie But A Goodie: Ladu Samrat In Parel Is The Place To Snack At

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Ladu Samrat is Parel is a favourite among office-goers for its classic Maharashtrian dishes, and I have loved it for a long time for its consistent and delicious food.

Chow Down

This restaurant is perennially packed because of its popularity. Their sabudana vada, kothambir vadi and dahi misal are some of their most beloved dishes. Their chai, especially, is a classic and I’ve often seen tables with people who are sitting for ages just ordering cup after cup while catching up with their friends. Their misal pav is a little saltier than I’ve found elsewhere, but still very delicious. Their vada pav is served with a very unique chutney as well, which finds many takers.

The place is extremely crowded after 5pm, so either arrive early or be ready for a wait. Tables are usually shared, so be ready to bump elbows with fellow patrons. It’s closest to Curry Road train station, though can be gotten to from the Lower Parel train station as well. If you see Bharatmata cinema, it’s diagonally across the road from it.

The restaurant is clean, with a courteous staff serving consistent food.

So We're Saying...

Head here if you’re in the area for some classic Maharashtrian snacks, served quickly and fresh.