Five Table Lamps Under INR 999 To Light Up Your Life

Getting the right lighting for your apartment can be a painful process. Either it’s too beautiful but too dim {we’re looking at you, fairy lights}, or it’s really expensive {all other lights, basically}. We’ve rounded up five tiny table lamps which can amp up any late night Netflixing binge or work-from-home scenes – and all for under INR 999 a pop.

One Plus One Lamps

This hand-painted lamp from Limeroad at INR 786 {with an additional INR 79 for shipping cost} is spellbinding with its vivid colour scheme. If your interiors are dull and you want to jazz them up a bit {to kill monotony}, buy this. Bonus: they have a one plus one offer on the lamp so you get two lamps at a discounted price. Maybe one for the living room as well?

Buy it here.

Handmade Cane Lamps

These handmade cane lamps that we talked about earlier still remain our affordable favourites. Their floor lamp at INR 900 {with bulbs} is subtle, and quietly adds the chic factor to a room. The wall lamps start at INR 250 and floor lamps INR 900. We’ll experiment with colourful bulbs because the plain material allows us to do so.

Check out more about these lamps here.

Lamps For Your Laptop

We stumbled upon these cool utility lamps from Mango People and are ordering them right away since we’re night owls {and also considerate about our roommates}. These lights can be used for a late-night work/meme binge night at INR 899.

The phone flashlight lamp takes the cake for its sheer ability to save our money {no fitting, no bulbs}. Just pop it over you phone flashlight and there, a mini party set up is made for INR 299.

Buy the spaceman lamp here and the phone flashlight lamp here.

Magnifying Glass Lamp

Remember this: Lohar Chawl is the father of lighting solutions in Mumbai. The lighting heaven situated in South Mumbai gave us some of the best lamps at affordable prices. Here, you can find everything from those fairy lights which we can’t seem to move on from, to more ornate lamps, night-lights and more.

It’s also a great place to sharpen your haggling skills. Go with your competitive edge sharpened.

We talked about this magnifying glass lamp at INR 400 here.

Sea Shell Fairy Lights Lamp

At Cheap Jack at Hill Road, Mota’s has an expansive range of party essentials and this gorgeous sea shell lamp in a corner at INR 400. Deck this up with fairy lights and keep it in a dull corner or hang them in your balcony or window.