Private Garden, Open Deck And More: This Lavasa Homestay Is A Gorgeous Mix Of Old And New

Lavasa Holiday Home


When we think Lavasa, we imagine a lake view, a fancy setting and a great holiday. This Lavasa holiday home promises to give you the same experience. Read on. 

What Makes It Awesome

How does lounging about in your own private hot tub sound? Oh, and breakfast in your private balcony, overlooking the lake and a mountain straight ahead? Excuse us while we book our own stay here, but let us fill you in on what else you can enjoy.

The holiday home is a cosy 2 BHK, which even has a barbecue pit, a fully-equipped kitchen and gorgeous vintage decor and furniture that you can't stop admiring. The stay is located right on the promenade, where the water sports area is just 100 meters away. There's enough and more to do around the area and you're blessed with a stunning view to keep you from doing anything else. And the price currently is INR 6,000 for four people per night, which is a great deal, don't you think? 


To make the stay even more comfortable, there's a caretaker who is available. Since it's situated around the river, you'll have a wide range of choices when it comes to dining out as well. 

Lavasa Holiday Home